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Lawyers review of condominium insurance needs

I subscribe to a number of condominium industry newsletters. One of the best is by industry leader Goodman, Shapiro and Lombardi.

You can subscribe here by going to this link.

GSL is starting a series on what is necessary and what you should have for insurance for your condominium association.

part one, talks about the basics and what you need to get by, and of course what makes you legal.

The highlights in this part include:

  1. insuring your condo association for Property, general liability,energy equipment,flood and directors & officers liability.
  2. What is required by Mass law 183A
  3. What the minimum crime coverage is required.
  4. Not falling into a gap with your unit owners homeowners policy ( HO-6 is the insurance lingo)

Check out their blog and sign up for their newsletter to read the rest of this series on insuring your condominium and your unit.


Top Condominium lawyers in Massachusetts

Insurers and Lawyers go hand in hand. Lawyers work both sides of the fence, some in defense of the insured condominium or for the insurer.

Complicated dealings with an insurer or a unit owner or venturing into a construction project need a law firm and having sound legal advice is a must in today’s day and age.

condominium lawIn Massachusetts, I have found several good firms, with the best being Marcus, Errico. Emmer & Brooks. This team of dedicated lawyers headed by Steve Marcus are specialists in condominium law and advocates for the condominium community. They represent over 3900 condominium communities.

*Resource their monthly newsletter for important current topics

Top Condominium Law firms in Massachusetts:

  1. Marcus, Errico, Emmer & Brooks- Braintree, ma
  2. Goodman & Shapiro- Dedham, Ma
  3. McCullough Stievater & Polvere, – Charlestown, Ma

The condominium world has changed over the past 30 years, to say the least.  Laws and regulations have multiplied, the challenges confronting condominium boards have become more complex.



Can my condo association ban dogs?

The answer is yes.
Because it is in the by-laws that were set up. This is the rules and regulations of the condominium association that you own.

Is it fair? not sure, but it is the law. You agreed to these terms when you bought the place. Like a marriage it is for better or worse until you divorce, or in your case move out.

You can change laws. You can also override the pet exclusion by getting involved and changing the by laws.

Every building and condominium are different. Some exclude all pets, some allow one pet, some allow for owners but not renters and some restrict by breed or size.

In any case, read the by laws before moving in. The law is on their side.

I have a dog. My association allows one per unit. My son would like to live with me, but he cannot, unless he gets rid of his dog, and that is not ever happening. If you have a pet, you know what I mean.

If your association allows pets, keep them leashed, and pick up after them.


Is mulch a fire hazard?

Mulch can be ignited very easily, and its close proximity to a

mulch fire hazard

from this

condominium building makes it a very dangerous hazard.

Massachusetts has adopted a new law:

The fire safety code related to forest products ( 527 CRM 17,00).

Effective 9/1/2012 new application of mulch within 18 inches of a wood or sided condominium is prohibited. Residential condominiums with less than six units are exempted, but it is still prudent to use the same safety prevention techniques.

What can you do?

  1. remove old mulch
  2. pull the mulch back a couple of feet.
  3. replace mulch with stone or other non combustible material.
  4. be smart and don’t allow smoking near mulch.
mulch blaze

To This!

If there is an accident and a repeated hazard, there will be a law. This is the case here.

Be careful, and follow the state code in Massachusetts.