My name is Glenn and I manage this site. I live in a condominium, and I own a condominium unit as an investment.

I am also an insurance agent with over 30 years experience that specializes in condominium insurance. I spend most of my time educating condominium unit owners and boards on the correct coverage to have, and where and how to place the coverage.

I will talk about many subjects here and not just insurance. Risk management is fundamental to all associations, and purchasing insurance is only one of the 4 components to risk management.

Many of my opinions, come from my knowledge and experience as a unit owner and agent, but most of the material will be information from many sources that I will research. Much of this will be cut and pasted and delivered to you as information from someone else that I trust or have determined to be interesting and germane.

I will post excerpts on insurance law, because the law and lawyers are all intertwined with the insurance industry. I am by no means a lawyer, or think I could ever understand the intricacies of law.

This is not intended to steer people to any particular company, and therefore not intended to be a profit center.

* Information on this Web site is provided for information purposes only. Any information obtained from this Web site should be reviewed with your insurer or agent. Condominium Insurance Review or me individually or in my capacity as an agent or owner of an agency is not responsible for errors or consequences arising from your use of this information.

Enjoy! Knowledge is Power


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