Condo Insurance Cancelled

So your condo insurance was cancelled.



Were you issued a legal notice with the proper days notice?

Were you told that you were not being renewed?

Were you cancelled mid stream and during the policy dates?

if you were canceled in the middle of the policy, you either did not keep up with your timely payments, or you did not comply with the terms of the policy. For instance, you may not have signed everything, or you may not have complied with the company recommendations. it is hard for the company to cancel during the term of the policy

If you were cancelled or better yet non renewed, you might ask your agent or company why. most likely, you had claims, or the company became aware of new information that makes the association less attractive, Maybe the company just is getting out of insuring this type of business.

Whatever the reason you are cancelled now is the time to contact your agent, your company, or a new agent. The sin is let coverage lapse.



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