The terms of the average replacement cost provision on your policy call for repair or replacement.

It is usually defined in the policy as the cost to replace the damaged property with materials of like kind and quality, without any deduction for depreciation

Now the battle begins.


Your roof is damaged. Actually, a third of your roof is damaged.


You want a new roof! of course you do. You do not want just a new third.

Insurance Company:

They want to repair the damage. Of course they do, that is how the policy reads and it is cheaper.


This goes under “you get what you pay for”, or” your expectations are not always what you get”.

You can argue here with the insurance company. If there is a continuation of roof and it would look ridiculous to have a third the roof one color and the other two thirds another, than it makes sense to continue to re-roof to a point where there is a division and there is continuity to the roof.

The same applies for floors and paint. It pays to ask.

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