Geographic insurance issues for your condo

I was just on a discussion board on linked-in for the CAI group, and people were talking about insurance issues.

What struck me is that whether you are a red state, or a blue state, or whether you are east coast or west coast, you have unique insurance issues.

people in Florida, do not worry about frozen pipes, but they sure are concerned about wind.

A condominium in Iowa does not even consider getting terror insurance, but someone in New York and Boston does.

The only thing I can tell you is that if you are concerned about it, you probably have a REAL exposure, and the company that insures you cares too. They care enough to charge you more, exclude the coverage, or are not willing to write the coverage.

How frustrating is that?

Be prepared to ask your insurance person for the coverage that you need, and if they do not deliver, ask the next person. If it is expensive, or the company is unwilling to cover the exposure, there is a good chance you need it.


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