What scares insurance companies about your condo?

Or should I say W.A.T.






Of all the things that scare an insurance company, these three things scare them the most.

Water- water damage is the number one cause of claims

  • ice dams
  • water leaks
  • back up of water
  • burst water tanks
  • burst washing machine hoses
  • flood
  • amd more

Wind- a gust of wind can cause lots of damage

  • hurricane
  • tropical storms
  • tornado’s
  • gusts

all of these events can be damaging and catastrophic

Attorney’s- no one wants to be sued, but condominiums are sued every day.

  • trip & falls
  • unit owners sue each other
  • people sue the board
  • property damage

If attorneys do not have a case, they make a case or as it seems sometimes, they make the stuff up.

Risk scares Insurance companies. If you manage these three risks, you look much better to the insurer.

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