Board members personal liability exposures Condominium

When you sit on a board or you volunteer, you are doing a good thing and the right thing, but you are exposed and could be liable.

Where are your exposures?

  • Decision making on the board- Make sure you have a directors and officers liability policy in force. Wrong decisions can cost you money, and don’t look to your homeowners policy for coverage.
  • Personal injury- could you libel someone, could you wrongfully enter a unit? sure you could.
  • Human resources- have you ever fired someone, or hired the wrong person? You might be liable. Think about employer practices liability insurance (EPLI)
  • Injured worker- make sure you have workers compensation
  • Liquor- have you ever served liquor in your unit at a meeting? Where did the person go when they left? You might be responsible

There are any number of other exposures out there. Serving on a board does not relieve you of liability. Check your insurance coverage. Without the proper insurance, it is like walking around with your wallet hanging out of your pocket. You are sure to lose some money.


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