Does a condominium need auto insurance?

Does your condominium association need automobile insurance?

If you have an auto that is owned by the association, then the answer is YES!

But what if there is no owned auto? What then?

You still have automobile exposures. What if you rent an automobile on association business, or you hire a car. what if a trustee or employee of the association uses their car on condominium business and injures somebody?

Then you do need auto coverage. It is called hire and non-owned automobile liability. It will cover you in case of one of these events ( subject to policy conditions). The cost is cheap and worth having.

Let’s talk about your garage where you park cars. Are you responsible? Are they in your care and control. Do you valet?

Most auto exposures. If this is the case, then you need what insurance calls ” garagekeepers liability”

Ask your agent or company about these important liability issues.

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