mistakes condominium trustees make

People,e forgive your mistakes usually.

A little whoops, or I’m sorry works for most people, but make a mistake as a trustee and they want to hang you.

What are the most common mistakes trustees or board members Make?

  1. Not consulting other board members
  2. not admitting that you do not know something
  3. not getting bids
  4. not doing due diligence
  5. not doing anything.
  6. not listening
  7. not following rules and regulations
  8. not acting prudently
  9. not telling the truth
  10. acting as a dictator

All these things that you do NOT do, can get you in trouble and even sued. Even if you have the best intentions, File this under your damned if you do, and your damned if you don’t.

Make sure that you have a good director’s and officers liability policy in place.



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