Is mulch a fire hazard?

Mulch can be ignited very easily, and its close proximity to a

mulch fire hazard

from this

condominium building makes it a very dangerous hazard.

Massachusetts has adopted a new law:

The fire safety code related to forest products ( 527 CRM 17,00).

Effective 9/1/2012 new application of mulch within 18 inches of a wood or sided condominium is prohibited. Residential condominiums with less than six units are exempted, but it is still prudent to use the same safety prevention techniques.

What can you do?

  1. remove old mulch
  2. pull the mulch back a couple of feet.
  3. replace mulch with stone or other non combustible material.
  4. be smart and don’t allow smoking near mulch.
mulch blaze

To This!

If there is an accident and a repeated hazard, there will be a law. This is the case here.

Be careful, and follow the state code in Massachusetts.


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